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Migag attaches great importance to the quality of food. A delicious, healthy and fresh meal is our top priority. That is also characteristic of Korean cuisine. In order to guarantee these characteristics AND to prevent wastage as much as possible, we may run out of stock earlier than expected when it's very busy.

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MIGAG take-away menu

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Our menu changes seasonally. Click the info button for each dish on this menu for more information about the ingredients and allergens of the dish in question.


Kimchi specials

Kimchi Bab Dak
All the goodness of the Kimchi fried rice chicken in a crispy jacket.
Kimchi Bab Gong
Five fried balls of rice, vegetables and kimchi.
Kimchi Fried Rice Chicken
With kimchi and egg fried rice, vegetables and chicken.
Kimchi Fried Rice Veggie
With Radish Kimchi fried rice and various vegetables.

Korean style buns

Spicy Chicken on bread
Nice crunchy bun filled with spicy chicken and cucumber salad.
Kimchi Ppang
Healthy bun filled with lamb, sweet potato vermicelli, vegetables and kimchi.
Koreaans worstenbroodje uit de oven met diverse sausjes. Verkrijgbaar vanaf 6 juli
Twisted Donut - Kkwabaegi
Korean twisted donut with a delicious coating and choice of different dippings. Available from July 6.

Vegetarische gerechten

Bibimbap Veggie
Bowl of rice with various kinds of vegetables.
Japchae Veggie
Sweet potato vermicelli salad with vegetables.
Gimbap Veggie
Stuffed veggie rice rolls with seaweed.
Rice cake in spicy sauce.
Deep fried seaweed rolls filled with sweet potato vermicelli and vegetables in a crispy tempura jacket.

Meat dishes

Bibimbap Beef
Bowl of rice with beef and various kinds of vegetables.
Bibimbap Chicken
Bowl of rice with chicken and various kinds of vegetables.
Honey Butter Chicken
Deep fried honey and butter coated chicken wings.
Flammable Crunchy Chicken
Deliciously crispy, sweet/spicy chicken wings.
Gimbap Beef
Stuffed rice rolls with meat, vegetables and seaweed.
Japchae Beef
Sweet potato vermicelli salad with vegetables and meat.
Stir-fried vegetables with chicken thigh fillet in spicy sauce. Served with rice.
Dakjjim - Soysauce chicken with noodles
Stew with various vegetables, chicken and glass noodles in a delicious soy sauce. Served with rice.
Marinated, grilled meat served with rice, kimchi and a choice of 2 side dishes.
L-pop chicken
Pieces of tender chicken fried on a skewer in a crispy jacket with garlic and ginger.
Migag proeverij
Laat u verrassen door de expertise van team Migag. Vanaf 2 pers. € 27,50 p.p.

Fish dishes

Spicy Fried Squid
Spicy fried squid with rice, kimchi and choice of 2 side dishes.
Bibimbap Seafood
Bowl of rice with fish and various kinds of vegetables.

Side dishes - Banchan

Extra rice
Spicy Stuffed Peppers
Spicy Pickled Peppers
Chive Kimchi (Buchu)
Radisch Kimchi
Napa Kimchi
Steamed Eggplant
Seasoned Spinach
Spicy Cucumber
Bean Sprouts


Dalphin Bronwater
Peach Water
Chia Pineapple
Pear Juice
Shikhye (Rice punch)
Coca Cola

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