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About Korean cuisine

A Korean meal usually consists of many small dishes. Usually these dishes are eaten cold or lukewarm. There are only three items that are eaten hot: Rice, Meat/fish and soups/stews.

Tindle - plant based chicken

TiNDLE is gemaakt met voornamelijk water, soja, kokosolie en het magische ingrediënt LIPI: een unieke mix van volledig natuurlijke plantaardige vetten en smaak die zijn afgestemd op de smaak van kip.
TiNDLE is plant-based, dairy and nut free, but it does contain soy and gluten.

Get to know TINDLE at MIGAG and taste TINDLE on a Chu Cha Chicken sandwich or in our mandu.

Korean BBQ

The Korean Barbecue is the most popular way of eating in Korea. A grill plate (on the BBQ), stone grill or gourmet set is sufficient. You can grill delicious pieces of meat on it. Place a piece of meat together with some vegetables and/or rice in a lettuce leaf or nori leaf (seaweed leaf). Season the piece of meat with some sauce. Then make a package and put it in your mouth and experience a healthy taste explosion! A very convivial way of eating with family and friends. Want to give this a try and have any questions? Ask Migag!

Bite-size package

Meat dishes are often accompanied by various cold side dishes. These can range from very spicy to very mild. It is best to eat this meal with lettuce leaves. For example, put a very small amount of rice in a lettuce leaf with a piece of meat and some vegetables with a nice sauce on top. Keep it small so that the lettuce leaf can be folded slightly to create a bite-sized package. Delicious and healthy!


Bibimbap is a dish that consists of a bowl of warm rice with cold vegetables on top. By mixing the rice and vegetables together, a lukewarm meal is created. Bibimbap means "mixed rice." Traditionally, the finishing touch is a raw egg (in Bibimbap dolsot) or a fried egg.

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